"On Deck" is the eighth episode of Season 1 of Backstage.


Bianca is determined to impress her casting agent mother, while Jax challenges Kit to a DJ battle. Denzel's costume designs for the mid-term ballet are put to the test.

Summary Edit

The episode starts off with summing up what happened in the last and other episodes. Then it starts off with Alya and Bianca in the music room. Bianca is stacking chairs and vocalizing while Alya is sorting out jellybeans for Bianca's mother. Bianca starts off the the episode by telling Alya to leave out the red jellybeans since her mom hates the red ones. Alya tells Bianca that it's so cool that her mom is casting a part as Young Mimi at Keaton and then asks her if she gets nervous auditioning for her mom. Bianca say that there's no room for fear in the audition room. Alya says that it's a huge opportunity and Bianca explains what's going to happen then asks if she is up for it and Alya says no but when they announced that they were holding auditions, she couldn't pass it up so she wanted to try.

Then the scene changes to Jax and Kit sitting and Jax playing a track by DJ Diamond Mind while Kit is creating one. She then says that he is not all that. Jax responds Haters gonna Hate.